10 Reasons to Choose Great Lakes Outdoor Cinema

1.  EXPERTISE - We are experts in outdoor cinema! With us at your service your event will be spectacular!

2. QUALITY - Our screens, projection, and audio equipment are exceptional. Your audience will be thrilled with the quality.

3. EXPERIENCE - Talk with us throughout the scheduling and planning, we have valuable and creative ideas to improve your movie event.

4. INNOVATION - We have creative ways to secure sponsors as well as other ways to defer your costs.

5. COMMUNICATION - We are there for you leading up to your event to insure it is successful for you.

6. GUARANTEE  -  We provide a weather guarantee! We bare the risk of inclement weather for you.

7. SERVICE - We are not a backyard party company. Our specialty is we offer a full service outdoor movie experience.

8. SAFETY - We protect you and your sponsors with event liability insurance.

9. TRUST - You can trust our timeliness during setup. We arrive hours before the sun goes down to insure everything is perfect.

10. PROFESSIONALISM - Our sole focus and specialty is professional outdoor cinema. Don't rely on imitators who may offer outdoor cinema as an add-on to their many other services. Their results will disappoint you.

Leading the Way

Since 2007, We have been the Midwest leader in innovation, professionalism, quality services, and product excellence. We are focused on delivering the ultimate outdoor cinema experience. With over 700 shows since we started we have the experience that no one can match.

We Are At Your Service

Planning an event? Tell us what you envision and our experienced staff will match the equipment and services for your budget and venue.